Fantasia Fancy Dress Hire & Balloons

We have hundreds of costumes for

you to choose from!

We have put them in categories

for you to to select.

Click on a section below to view!


You will need to come and try costumes for size in our shop before hiring.

Ready for a REAL showstopper?

At FANTASIA we have our own in-house

design team constantly working on new

outfits that you won't see anywhere else!

Making sizes that fit REAL people!

Click on an album below to view costumes!!

Hire prices vary,

£8 Childrens

£10 Boots

£12 Teens

£15 Budget (e.g.60's dress)

£18 Popular (e.g. Pirate)

£20 Best (e.g. Miss Muffit)

£22 Deluxe (e.g. Beetlejuice)

£25 Deluxe (e.g.Roman)

£35 Luxury (e.g. Henry 8th)

£45 Luxury ( e.g. gold Cleopatra)



There is a deposit ( normally £20- £50)

required at the time of booking.

This will be refunded when your

costume is returned undamaged

and on - time.

Deposit MUST be paid on a debit or

credit card.



We accept credit/debit cards for deposits, however, if you have no card cash deposits need to be secured with 2 proofs of address dated within 3 months.

This will be on an individual basis, not available on some costumes!



Customers with no I.D. proof/card will be charged at least a  triple deposit.

We reserve the right to refuse rental.




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